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Squeeze Chutes

Boost your cattle handling productivity with our high-quality, safety-oriented cattle squeeze chutes. Perfect for essential procedures like vaccinations, tagging, or routine health checks. Our chutes prioritize safety and stress reduction for both cattle and handlers.

Whether you prefer manual or automatic controls, we've got you covered. Our squeeze chutes ensure a smooth, efficient livestock handling experience. 


Deluxe Squeeze Chute

  • Automatic HD Headgate

  • Bi-Fold Back Gate

  • Hinged Neck Access Doors

  • Palpation Cage Attached

  • Parallel Squeeze

  • Wheels Optional



Heavy Duty Squeeze Chute.jpg
  • Automatic Headgate

  • Straight Side Squeeze

  • Hinged Neck Access Doors

  • Formed Cleat Steel Floors

Heavy Duty Squeeze Chute

Economy Squeeze Chute.jpg
  • Steel DIamond Deck Floor

  • Split Top and Bottom

  • Full Side Opening Gates

  • Heavy Duty Head Gate

Economy Squeeze Chute

  • Hydraulic Operated

  • HD Headgate

  • Bi-Fold Entry Door

  • Verticle Squeeze

  • Neck Sweep or Head Holder

Deluxe Hydraulic Chute

  • Heavy Duty Headgate

  • Easy Access in All Areas

  • Formed Traction - Steel Floor

  • One Side Squeeze

Dual Door Openings Spit Top & Bottom

Multi Use Chute 

Hoof Trimming Chute.jpg

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  • Heavy Duty Auto Headgate

  • Easy Access in All Areas

  • Winches To Pick Up Feet

  • Steel Floor with Traction Bars

  • Butt Push

Hoof Trimming Chute

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