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Squeeze Chutes


Deluxe Squeeze Chute

  • Automatic HD Headgate

  • Bi-Fold Back Gate

  • Hinged Neck Access Doors

  • Palpation Cage Attached

  • Parallel Squeeze



Heavy Duty Squeeze Chute.jpg
  • Automatic Headgate

  • Straight Side Squeeze

  • Hinged Neck Access Doors

  • Formed Cleat Steel Floors

Heavy Duty Squeeze Chute

Economy Squeeze Chute.jpg
  • Steel DIamond Deck Floor

  • Split Top and Bottom

  • Full Side Opening Gates

  • Heavy Duty Head Gate

Economy Squeeze Chute


           Hydraulic Operated

  • HD Headgate

  • Bi-Fold Entry Door

  • Verticle Squeeze

  • Neck Sweep or Head Holder

Deluxe Hydraulic Chute

  • Heavy Duty Headgate

  • Easy Access in All Areas

  • Formed Traction - Steel Floor

  • One Side Squeeze

Dual Door Openings Spit Top & Bottom

Multi Use Chute 

Hoof Trimming Chute.jpg

Here is the description

The end

  • Heavy Duty Auto Headgate

  • Easy Access in All Areas

  • Winches To Pick Up Feet

  • Steel Floor with Traction Bars

  • Butt Push

Hoof Trimming Chute

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